Screenshot of the Foxtrot route analyzer dashboard, used to inspect route performance.

Intelligent route planning execution.

"I'm judged by my drivers' adherence to plan...but the plan doesn't match reality, let alone what would be most efficient." - Distribution Center Manager "My drivers don't trust our route sequences….they reshuffle them every morning." - Driver Manager "Our route plans assume all drivers leave at 7am...and fall apart when they don't." - Operations Manager "Hitting stop 2 after 10:30 AM is a nightmare - at least twice as long to deliver when their loading dock is full." - Driver

We’ve already transformed the operations of some of the world’s largest fleets.


Stops optimized with Foxtrot

Foxtrot route analyzer & playback dashboard with stop overview and route event inspector.

We are not a route planner, we’re a live route execution platform.

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Integrating & using Foxtrot is a breeze.

Foxtrot driver app which shows the driver's stop list and optimized route on a map.

Use your existing driver app, or use ours off the shelf.

Works in concert with your existing route planner.

No telematics hardware required. Just a phone or tablet.

No human/dispatch intervention required to re-sequence routes.

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